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Wealth Is The Ability To
Fully Experience Life.

- Henry David Thoreau

According to a recent Gallup poll, nearly 50% of Americans don’t feel they’ll be financially prepared for retirement1. FinLit Wealth is on a mission to change that. We believe people want to make better financial decisions, many of us just weren’t taught how  to. The path to creating wealth is forged by making a series of consistent, disciplined and well-educated decisions with our money.

That’s Why We’re Called FINancially LITerate Wealth

Our firm takes your unique financial and retirement planning needs and delivers straightforward, actionable solutions. We help lift the burden of managing your wealth off your shoulders because we know you’re busy running a business, grading papers or simply enjoying the fruits of your labor.

We Bring Financial Confidence To

1 https://news.gallup.com/poll/233861/update-americans-concerns-retirement-persist.aspx

Providing Service that
Goes Beyond the Numbers

Our Passion is Serving Our Clients

With the Highest Level of Service

At FinLit Wealth, we consider our fiduciary duty to always act in the best interest of the client. We founded our firm on the principles of bettering the lives of our clients through sound financial planning, offering a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry, and providing cutting edge tools and technology that equip you to achieve financial success the way you define it.

Beyond building a financial plan that is in your best interest, we strive to build lifelong relationships with our clients. We believe that in order to best serve you, we need to understand who you are on a deeper level, what motivates you and why you feel partnering with a financial advisor will help you live the life you envision for yourself and your family.

We Believe In Bettering Your Life Through





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Your Financial Future?

Tyler Boling, AIF®, AAMS®, CRPC® Photo

Tyler Boling, AIF®, AAMS®, CRPC®


P: (860) 761-3311
E: tyler@finlitwealth.com

The great glorious masterpiece of man is to know how to live with a purpose.

- Michel de Montaigne

Purpose is formed in a variety of ways. Some are born with it, others spend a lifetime searching for it. Tyler found his purpose in a second floor apartment with no electricity, little food and no direction. After a cancer diagnosis prevented a family member from working for an extended period of time, they lost everything. It was in that apartment that he thought to himself, there has to be a way to prevent others from experiencing what he was. We can’t prepare for an unexpected illness or a job termination, but we can prepare for the financial impact of those events by being responsible with our money. Tyler developed a passion for financial planning, and that passion led him to launch FinLit Wealth after spending 10 years working in the banking, insurance and wealth management industries. 

Tyler lives in Bristol, Connecticut with his wife Darian, his son, Micah and rescue boxer, Remi. When not serving clients, Tyler enjoys tinkering around his 100 year old home, playing golf and cheering on Boston sports teams. One of the greatest joys of creating financial freedom is giving back to the community through stewarding both time and resources. That’s why Tyler and Darian are deeply involved in their local church, have spent time in the mission field and work with several charitable organizations including:

The charities and organizations mentioned on this website are not affiliated with the Voya family of companies. Any donations to or activities in support of these charities mentioned on this website were made independently and as a personal choice by the advisor and do not reflect an endorsement or support of these charities by Voya Financial, Inc. or its affiliates.

Helping You Achieve Your Financial Goals
By Creating Your Financial Roadmap

Fee-Based Financial & Retirement Planning 

Whether you’re an executive trying to make sense of your stock options, a new family wanting to build a strong financial foundation for the future or a pre-retiree in need a retirement income plan, we’re happy to help.

Preparing You For Whatever Your Future Holds

Reaching retirement feels like crossing the finish line but in reality, it’s a whole new beginning. For others, something earlier in life may be more pressing like buying a house, saving for your children’s education or traveling the world. Whatever you want to accomplish, a thorough financial plan from an experienced financial advisor can help you get there.

By utilizing innovative software, gathering important data and learning more about the needs of you and your loved ones, we’ll work together to present a snapshot of your current financial picture in addition to providing you with a goal-based financial road map custom tailored to fit what you want most out of life.

We’re Flexible In How We Can Help

  Financial Planning

Risk Management

Investment Management

What Are You Biggest
Financial Concerns?

Take Your Retirement Plan To The Next Level

One of the keys to increasing retirement plan participation and contribution rates is by intentionally emphasizing employee education. And it makes sense. If your employees don’t understand what you’re offering through your defined contribution plan, how will they know how to choose the best option for them?

FinLit Wealth can offer your employees dedicated one-on-one financial planning consultations and educational, on-site workshops to help all of your employees better understand their retirement plan options. While most firms focus solely on your plan itself, FinLit Wealth takes it deeper by reviewing your employee’s entire financial picture to help them better understand not only which option is best, but also why..

Ready To Maximize Your Retirement Plan?

Could Your Company’s Retirement Plan Use a Check-Up?

We’re happy to offer a complimentary benchmark of your company’s retirement plan. Through a detailed analysis, we can help you understand:

How your plan compares to other similar businesses in your area

If your plan structure, fees and investment options are the best match for you and your employees

Why forming an investment committee and holding annual fiduciary audits can protect your business 

Why increasing employee satisfaction through employee education is the key to your plan’s success

When Was the Last Time You Weighed Your Retirement Plan Options?

For Years, You’ve Focused On Caring For Others

But When It Comes to Retirement, Who's Looking Out For You?

The teachers, administrators and staff of Connecticut’s school systems spend 10-plus hours a day educating and nurturing the next generation. Between teaching, grading, test building, mandatory meetings and volunteering at school functions - we know educators are busy. Are you prepared for when your final school bell rings? Together we'll make sure that when you're ready for retirement, your finances will be to.

Our founder, Tyler, has spent years helping educators make sense of their retirement options.

For Connecticut's Educators, We Can Help With:

403(b) & 457 Planning Marketplace

Social Security Claiming Strategies

Calculating Pension Projections

Navigating the Complexities of the Connecticut Teachers Retirement System

What Are Your Biggest Concerns As You Near Retirement?

We're here to help

Here’s What You Can Expect
When Working With Us

Our Process:

01: Schedule a Financial Review Meeting

02: Complete Our Client Profile

03: Discover Solutions to Your Biggest Questions

04: Foster a Life-Long Relationship

Sound Like a Plan?

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